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Finding females who are interested in me?

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I haven't dated many women in my life, technically I've only had one live-in girlfriend and that lasted for over 5 years. I've gone on a few dates but usually these ended in women ghosting me or just deciding they weren't interested and going their separate ways. I'm in my early 30's and am extremely bothered by this. I often find myself wondering if something is wrong with me that makes women disinterested. I see a lot of women being selfish these days and getting applauded for it, playing the field and stringing along guys who put in effort for them while chasing after someone else who gives them some immediate feelings or results they seek. I don't consider the women I take an interest in to be unreasonable choices for me or to be out of my league, but it seems that men are definitely judged harshly for seeking relationships or sex compared to women nowadays. I'm at an age where lots of people have kids and move into places together, and I might not have a preference right now as to whether I'd like to have a reliable FWB or a loving relationship with the right kind of lady, but it would be nice to actually be wanted. And to get pretty girls again for a change, too. I feel like most of my youth is being wasted and I'm lonely. But I also feel like women all have unrealistic standards, for boyfriends as well as for sexual partners, and that I somehow can just never fit this mold. I would like to have someone to look forward to spending my time with. But I've been single for four years without a ton of luck. Wondering what the problem is, and what I should try to do.

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