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Not sure if my boss kissed me on purpose

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Hey Guys, I (27) need your opinion..
So there is my Boss who is 20 years older than me. We’ve worked together for a couple of years now. He is very supportive, we have a great relationship and we are a good team.
Fact is that, since about 3 years, as soon as we had some alcohol (for example at a team event, client event etc), our conversations turn into flirts (of course only when we are alone and not in front of colleagues). We both know that we like each other, also in a sexual way, but that there can never be more than flirts as he is married. I was always totally fine with that and I never crossed the line.
Last week we had an evening event and we were staying at the same hotel. On the way back to the hotel we made flirty jokes, probably a bit more specific than ever before. He told me that, even if it was hard to resist for him, he could never go further with me because of his family. Again, I’m totally fine with that as I never would want to destroy his life.
But as we said goodbye, instead of the usual three kisses on the cheeks, he kissed me on both corners of my mouth - which ended obviously in a real kiss..
I’m very confused now. I’ve never kissed someone on the corner of their lips, so it really wasn’t my intention.
Can this happen by accident? Or did he kiss me on purpose?

Not sure if my boss kissed me on purpose

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It’s a technicality but the purpose is clear: he made a move to break the employee/boss barrier. Inappropriate.

You know where this is heading and it’s not going to end up good for you. You will become the “other woman” and he will have control of your career. Do you want to become known as a home wrecker?

What about your own life? Are you dating? Is there no one you’d like to work in having a relationship with besides Your boss?

Really consider changing jobs. This is only going to end up as a heartache for you.

Not sure if my boss kissed me on purpose

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You should never have let him do that. You know he is your boss and that he is married. How could you do such a thing? Stay away from him from now on and STOP flirting. You encouraged this. Have some common sense and don't go there. It will never end well for you only. He's the boss, he will never be fired.

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