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Am I being too paranoid?

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I broke up with a long term boyfriend a few months ago primarily b/c he was verbally abusive and controlling. Met a new man who is really loving and attentive and we have many things in common. But he tends to behave sometimes in a manner that sort of makes me anxious- that is what I perceive as controlling. Here are some examples:

He will tell me which parking spot to park in and if I'm following the car in front of me too close when I'm driving.

He suggests (doesn't ask) what we should do for dinner.

He suggests certain things around my kitchen (to be fair, he is much neater than me and is a much better cook).

He comments on some things around my home in general (I should clean the counters more b/c my cat walks on the counters and cat has some dirt from litter box).

These are examples; sometimes I'll say I know what I'm doing and he'll shut up but that can be annoying after a while.

I'm just nervous b/c I don't want to fall back into the same situation I left with my ex.


Am I being too paranoid?

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Get into counseling to find out why you seek out relationships with overbearing, controlling men.

Choosing kind, well balanced men who like and admire women is a skill you will need in finding a healthy, growing long term relationship.

In the meantime that you are finding and defining yourself and your standards, drop this creep and block all communication. He may be hard to get rid of because he thinks you can’t make right decisions.

Am I being too paranoid?

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I honestly can't see what he is doing wrong. I think you are over analyzing everything. He makes suggestions, but he's not forcing you to do anything. You are just paranoid. If you don't like him making suggestions then you need to talk to HIM about it.

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