Girlfriend with guy friends and texting

Girlfriend with guy friends and texting

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Posted by JEFFUFUH on Apr 28 2012 at 19:07
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Relationship advice forum category advice forum category Lets see. When my girlfriend and i started dating we both knew that we had a lot of friends of the opposite sex that we texted and talked to. After a year of being friends we decided to start dating each other. I decided to stop texting girls that i had sexual relationships with and hanging out at places where they hung out or worked or whatever. My girlfriend didnt stop texting anyone until i made a stink about it. She claimed that they were just friends and never had anything sexual with any of them. i later found out that one guy she texted and talkked to daily was someone she had sex with numerous times. I also was playing with her old phone and found some pictures she forget to delete cause they were saved in a special file. 2 of these photos were of one of her "friends" butt ass naked frontal view. wtf....When confronted on these things she gets all pissed off. I let these blow over. She is still texting other guy "friends" and claims im crazy when i ask about it. Now, to add to it, she is divorced and has a 3 year old daughter. For 2 years she preached how much an ass he is and how she fears him and what not. All of a sudden about a month ago she decides that he is not that bad and i neeed to be nice to him. OK, so i start playing nice but now he calls her and texts her daily, numerous times. HMMMMMMMM....OK, she works out at the little local gym a lot, same gym i go to, but not at the same time. She has the phone number to every male trainer there and knows their personal situations, not the same with the female trainers. She is obsessed now with being there every morning no matter whatever else is going on. She referrred to 2 of the trainers as eye candy the other day. She is now taking courses to be a trainer there. I own my own business and have her on fulltime payroll and she works 5 hours a week. I pay for everything, she drives my SUV, but it never seems appreciated. Today we were supposed to go do a 3 mile obstacle course race but now she has decided that she doesnt want to because she wanted other people to go too but they chose not to. I'm so
Reply from HOTS TIPS on May 18 2012 at 05:18
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try this program - its called refog,

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