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Left my abusive boyfriend. Homeless. What now?

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Housing advice I posted on here a while back asking for advice on my boyfriend and I took you guys' words into consideration. I deserve alot better than that.
Now that I have left, I'm not sure what to do. Because of the relationships I have burned all bridges with anyone that would help and I have no family. (I came from a small family, single child. Parents are deceased.)
I have reached out to the small Pantry's here and even housing, but they were honest with me and said it would be about a year until a home opened.
I don't have a car anymore because I had sold it when I was with my boufriend. Now that I've talked to someone, they pointed out that he was making himself my crutch and made it to where I would be 100% dependent on him. But at the time I didn't think that because his reasons for talking me into it seemed so believable.
But I only can blame myself for staying around and believing it. I don't have a job because I wasn't allowed one, but im currently looking. Although I'm not sure they'll hire me with no transportation.

I guess my main reason for this is because im now homeless and there are no shelters or churches around me that offer assistance. I don't want to go back to him.
What would the best advice for me from you guys? I could really use some.

Left my abusive boyfriend. Homeless. What now?

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Well, I can't imagine how hard it was too let him go. However, I am proud of you for doing the right thing. In the end if you have not starting seeing it now you will see how much healthier you will feel emotionally and physically.

I would highly consider a women's shelter or see if you can get in touch with a church. OR go to a domestic violence shelter. I know it ma be tough too move forward without him but you are doing everything you can and that is better than experiencing what I am sure was brutal to endure and deal with while you were in a relationship with him.

I hope this helps and I hope to hear back from you

Left my abusive boyfriend. Homeless. What now?

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Good for you that you freed yourself and have a clear picture of what he has been doing to you!

Now to start over... its scary, for sure.

In the US, I would encourage you to get government Assistance and look for a boarding house or shelter to stay while you look for a job (as a house cleaning or local restaurant??)

Good luck and keep moving AWAY from the past.

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