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Do I just ignore any texts from my ex?

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Relationship advice I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago and as it goes with some breakups, it was pretty bad. We had broken up and reconciled many times over several years and it was clear to me that I couldn't move forward with him b/c primarily of his lies. I wished him the best and really do care about him/miss him, but don't love him anymore.

It started about a week ago with texts of him telling me he was not communicating to reconcile, but only b/c he wanted to tell me some things happening with his family and thought I'd be interested being his partner of almost 7 years. He also told me he met someone at a friend's party only a few days after we broke up and had been out on 6 dates with her who he'd known for a long time, but he was having a hard time being attracted to her.

He also asked about how my kids were, etc.

so today he texts that he is not busy and when can we play words with friends like we always did....really??

Do I just keep on ignoring him or respond and if so, how?

I also started seeing someone who I really like but just not sure if it will work out in the long run - he seems like a very opinionated person and somewhat controlling, so time will tell.

Please share your thoughts on this matter and thanks!

Do I just ignore any texts from my ex?

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It's a matter of opinion and depending on alot of circumstances but if you can live without him and don't need any communication with him then you'll block and ignore him. If you still need him in your life, however so, then you'll eventaully end up communicating with him.

It's his business if he's met someone else and it's his issue to sort if he's not attracted to her. You can't help him there, (although he wants you to), nor can you go back in time and meet up with friends at this stage.

7 years is a bit of history; it'll take time to get over him properly and it'll be nearly impossible to be with someone else successfully until you do. It'll be up to you whether you can get over him while he continues 'to be in your face'.

If you know in your heart that you're never going to be able to move forward with him, for whatever reasons, then you know what you have to do. Amongst other things, most importantly, you have kids and they need you to be happy.

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