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No birthday present from my close friend?

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Hi everyone :) This is my first post and it's about a problem with my friend that's got me a little upset.

We've known each other for a few years but have only become really close within the last couple of years. We talk a lot everyday despite not living in the same city and I would definitely say we're close friends and could consider her a best friend. I know she also has another close friend who lives in a different country and at first I would get insecure and jealous thinking my friend would leave me/replace me with this other friend (has happened before) but I got over it.

A couple of months ago, it was my friend's birthday and I got her a gift and so did this other friend. My friend's other friend's birthday is in the same month as my friend's and I know my friend made her some kind of gift (not exactly sure what). My birthday was recently and my friend didn't get me anything, not even a card. I know it sounds like a silly thing to be upset over and I don't give to receive but I was a little surprised and upset that I got nothing despite getting her something, knowing that we are close and she did something special for her other friend. I guess I'd just like some advice on how to come to terms with the fact that my friend seems to be closer to her other friend and doesn't think of me as a best friend the way I thought of her as one :'( I still love talking to her but feel this weird barrier between us now, feeling that I'm expecting more of this friendship and I feel embarrassed that I would call her my best friend when she probably didn't feel the same.

(sorry I used the word friend a lot).

No birthday present from my close friend?

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There are several reasons why someone else didn’t acknowledge your birthday, so don’t assume it’s out of meanness or she’s trying to push you away.

Call her up and say , “We missed celebrating my birthday. Lets get together. Ice cream on me.”

You will know what’s up by her response.


No birthday present from my close friend?

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I am sorry that she did not give you a present and that your expectations did not go accordingly with her giving you a present or really acknowledged that it was your birthday. I have some friends that I would never go too far out of my way and than I have other good friends that I would take a "bullet" for. So, I think you explored this friend o yours as more of a friend than a BEST friend and please know that is okay. That just means you don't need to go more out of your way with her than you would for your best friends unless she puts more effort in and shows you what you expect for you to consider her a best friend. If you would like more help and support in anyway you are more than happy to personally email me at [e-mail address removed]

I am here to help in anyway I can I do hope this helps :)


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