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Help, my dad treats me like a prisoner

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Hi, my name is Sam, I am 13 years old and my parents filed a divorce about a year ago, I have to spend weekends, tuesdays, holidays, and school breaks with my dad. When the going back and fourth beetween my mom and dads house began, my dad was so mean. an example of this is that my mom had stayed at dads house because the wifi was down at her house, and she needed to use wifi overnight for her job, and in the morning my dad was very mad because there were a bunch of unwashed dishes on the counter that HE put there the other day. He blamed it on me and my brother and said that it was perfectly clean the other day, but it really wasn't. My mom tried to talk about it with him but he just continued washing the dishes and started yelling at me because I was doing the chores that he had assigned me, then I just ran away from dad and mom kissed me on the cheek and left to her house. I was very upset, but believe it or not, it only got worse and worse as time went by. He stopped taking me to church, he only got me what I ABSOLUTEDLY needed, and didn't get me anything I wanted, just what I needed. Also, as I am writing this, my dad is slamming the doors in the house. as of now, it has only gotten worse. My dad doesn't let me use internet unless I need it, I am supposed to be doing homework right now, but I just found this website and decided to write about this problem. He also won't let me have my phone when I'm in his house, so I have to tell him that I left it at moms just so I can use it. It was just a few weeks ago that I came to realize that my dad had turned his house into a prison. So tell me, should I tell my mom and have her tell the court about this, or should i open up to my dad about this? Please tell me. Thank you and god bless -Sam

Help, my dad treats me like a prisoner

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I'm sorry that no-one answered this sooner. You are just so young yet you are really smart! For such a young boy to find this website and be so accurate with his feelings it's just amazing!
But we will need to have a little grown up talk. You know when you feel like you need to hide something from someone you love and that you know that cares for you, it means something isn't probably right. You will learn this through out your life.
You shouldn't hide things from your mom. She should know. How can she help you if she doesn't know?
Please do tell her. If you don't feel comfortable in there can't you just ask to stay with your mom?
Answer asap

Help, my dad treats me like a prisoner

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I think that this is something that is not good for you to have to endure and take on as you have a lot of other things I am sure going on and the last thing you should have to deal with that is someone like a father. I think that this needs to be taking into the court hand as it is impeding on your daily life as an average young adult like yourself. I think you should first bring this up to your mother first and than go from there.

Let US know how it goes. We are all hear to help

Help, my dad treats me like a prisoner

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Your dad has anger issues ( probably one of the causes of the divorce) and he is taking it out on you.

Tell your dad that you can see he is unhappy and would he go to family counseling with you. Let him know that you are not comfortable in his house.

You are old enough to make decision as to how much time you spend with him. No one should be forced to spend time with someone who verbally abuses them. The court or mediator or your mother’s lawyer can get the visitation changed, if it comes to that.

Your mother should listen to your concerns, too. Good luck and keep in touch.

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