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Am I being love bombed or not?

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Relationship advice I am sensitive to this subject since I broke off a 7 year relationship with a man professing to love me to no end (and wanted to marry me very badly) but I learned that I believe he was a narc and I was definitely love bombed looking back.

I am now seeing someone new for 4 months and want to be certain I'm not making the same mistake. I researched the issue and while I don't see many of the characteristics of love bombing I do see a few - namely:

He said he loved me (after about a month or so) and hadn't been with someone like me ever in his life (and he's over 65 years old) - married and divorced twice but each marriage was 20 years and 10 years. He said I'm so kind and nice that he has never had before; and pretty and very smart - he can't believe his "luck" and wants to marry me when and if I'm ready (I've been a widow almost 10 years).

He doesn't go over the top on gifts or stuff like that but writes and gives me a beautiful note (or 2) each time he sees me (on weekends since we live quite a distance from each other). He calls maybe twice a day and doesn't text too much (he works full time as a professional like me). He visits me on most weekends and I go to his place sometimes so we see each other most weekends.

He does have other interests like golfing and fishing and keeps in close contact with all of his friends (talks to them frequently and sees them fairly regularly).

I met his friends and they are all married for a long time and they've been friends for almost 40 years and seem to be really good people. I met one daughter and she is lovely and talked to the other one and she is really nice too. Never met his siblings - they live across the country and he's not close with them anymore. I don't know much about his divorces other than he realized the partner wasn't for him at that time.

He really likes my adult son and keeps in close touch with him and seems genuinely concerned about his well being (he has a slight development disability).

I'm introducing him to my family and friends this month so that should be interesting.

Am I being too paranoid about this?

Am I being love bombed or not?

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Hi- I don't feel your "too paranoid" I think you're just super cautious; it's only been 4 months, just enjoy his company and see how it goes when you introduce him to your friends and family. Do you feel you're in love with him after 4 months? Would you like to marry again? Take your time; seems like he's going a little fast.

Am I being love bombed or not?

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Hi. Take notice of your reactions. You don’t need to act on them immediately. Just keep noticing and the longer you wait the more information you will have as to whether your reactions are significant or not. 4 months is a short time. Does he express a wide range of emotions, or just ones you will like?

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