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Indecent behaviour of wife's family

My wife's brother Mayank Passi and his wife Meenu Passi, Her other brother Yadu Passi and wife Jyoti Passi and her parents Dr. Vijay Passi and Smt. Sunita Passi treat me very badly when I visit their home or any function they host. They have problem since the beginning of my marriage.My wife's cousin sister Shikha Baharny Passi came to live near our house and often poked her nose in the internal affairs of our family at the insistence of Mayank Passi who is a notorious character. Mayank Passi along with his father and brother and some of their relatives like Jeevan Malhotra are trying to take control of our house and finances and interfering in day to day affairs of our family.Meenu Passi, Yadu Passi and Jyoti Passi talk very badly when they forcefully visit our house and look as they would hit me.

Indecent behaviour of wife's family

I think it's very important for you to set boundaries. Discuss with your significant other where you should draw the line between family and your private affairs. Both, of you need to enforce those boundaries. It will be hard and you'll probably have horrible things said about you. You have to remember, if they don't respect you then they shouldn't be allowed in your life. None the less, have them control your life. Good luck, I wish you the best.

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