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I feel I am not good enough.

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on Feb 4 2020 at 15:10
Member since: 04 February 2020
Relationship advice My boyfriend watches porn quite often and to be honest, i do to. I choose to watch it when he is away, he chooses to watch it even though im in the other room.. it bothers me and i dont know how to cope with it. Does anyone have advice?

I feel I am not good enough.

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on Feb 4 2020 at 20:38
Member since: 04 February 2020
Talk to him about how you feel-- be honest about the fact that you also watch porn, and explain why his habit bothers you-- I totally understand how you feel, but I also watch porn when my boyfriend is available. It's not because he isn't sufficient, but because sometimes i want masturbation to be a personal experience that i do alone. Sex is great, but I don't think of masturbation the same way i think about sex. They both satisfy physical urges, but one is self-care and one is a connection between two people. I don't always want to be with someone. Sometimes I just want to be alone, go at my own pace, or I just don't want to have sex atm.

Maybe try watching porn and masturbating together sometime-- thats' fun too

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