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Ethical dilemma

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Relationship advice I was in an abusive and controlling relationship for 6 years and finally made the break 7 months ago.

We had a mutual friend who has been supporting my ex who had problems with alcohol and drugs and he has been a good friend to him and to me.

Me and this friend recently went out as friends to a gig , and we had a few too many and one thing let to another.
Since then we have been seeing each other and the chemistry is amazing and we have just clicked !

He has admitted he has always had feelings for me and he treats me with such respect and gentleness and makes me feel like I am the sexiest woman alive .... But !
We are worried what will happen if my ex finds out and how he will react.

I would value opinions from impartial people. Are we wrong in what we are doing ?
Help please !

Ethical dilemma

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You have a good idea of how your ex will react, but your challenge is to move on without his shadow hanging over you. Your new guy is unwittingly helping hold this shadow over you if he remains friends with your ex and stays with you. In other words, both of you will have to distance yourselves completely from him if you are to remain together. Your new guy's character and his actions are staring you in the face if he hasn't yet been upfront with your ex.

6 years is alot of history, whether it was good or bad, and you need to be done and dusted with it before you can be with anyone else successfully, regardless of who they are. It's not so much if you are wrong in what you're doing,'s if you're listening to your gut, rather than to your emotions.

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