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My friends bullied a 13 year old girl online

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Other advice I was playing Minecraft and just having a good time with my friends, and one of their brothers
my friends were from 22-26 and the guys brother is 17
then this person joined, don't know how, but they said they were 13 and they all just bullied her and it was really messed up
it was 5 of them doing it so i felt kinda nervous about speaking up, mostly because i didn't know/barely knew a few of them

when she went i left too and sent her a message just to see if she was ok
but an hour or 2 later my friend sent screenshots into the psn group chat because she came back and they did the same thing but maybe worse, they told her things like "if your life is so bad why don't you jump off a cliff" and after saying things asking them to stop they asked why is her life so bad and she said "because of self hate, bullies, people like you" etc, and they even mocked that, saying things like "deep as my knife" and 2 being weird and pervy and stuff.

I just couldn't believe it all, it was fucked up
She was 13, did nothing wrong at all, didn't even do anything to retaliate except ask them to stop
That was a week ago and I haven't talked to them since and don't know if I even should
Like I can't just ignore that it happened and go back to laughing with them but I don't know if anything good will come from bringing it up if/when they finally realise I've been avoiding them

My friends bullied a 13 year old girl online

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Message this person and tell her that you no longer are a member of this group because they are cruel and looking fir a victim to bully. It just so happens that it was her time. Next week it could be your time to be bullied.

If this girl returns to the group, she will either be bullied again or be expected to bully someone else. They are powerful only when there is the group bullying. It remains powerful because members are Agreeing to be recruited and to look for a victim to bully.

This girl can refuse to be bullied simply by dropping out of the group and turning off the computer. You, too, can refuse to participate.

Good luck and be strong!

My friends bullied a 13 year old girl online

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thing is, she wasn't in the group she just happened to join a game we were all it
she was half our age

I'm not worried about me being bullied or anything like that just for the record or being forced/expected to do anything

My friends bullied a 13 year old girl online

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If you are able to contact this girl then you should to see if she is okay. she may have come back on because you messaged her inbetween and instead of getting you got them instead. Let her know that you are sorry for what your friends did and although you had nothing to do with it you were worrried about her. You obviously have a good conscience and your friends don't. Having been bullied when I was young at school I know how horrendous it can be especially at that age. It may be that she will wave it off as some stupid online thing were she met a few creeps on the other hand if she was being bullied already or has had some other sad event in her life it could affect her deeply if you can't talk to her again then you will never know.

What you have to ask yourself is this a once off for these friends of yours or is it a regular thing were they bully others or get their kicks from cruelty. Was the event caused by one member of the group and others joined in, was it fuelled by alcohol (since you were of legal age) or drugs. Taking such things can affect peoples regular judgement. And yes the truth is that you dont have to stay friends with people whose behaviour appalls you. You are obviously a much better person than your friends and maybe you need a new group of friends. On the other hand maybe a few of the group also feel bad about what they did but just went along with the leader and got carried away and now they feel guilty. You know these people so only you can judge that. It sounds like they are quite immature or drunk and you are either more mature or more responsible.

If you bring it up to the group as a whole they may turn on you. Ask yourself do you want to be friends with this group or do you want to bring it up with one or two individuals that you trust and see how they feel about it. If not then you will have to cut your losses for your own sake. take care.

My friends bullied a 13 year old girl online

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Just for the record, this happened over a week ago, last monday night
I wanted to avoid talking to her because i knew it would look sketchy to be talking to a 13 year old girl online, but she did add me ass a friend and said thanks for the support, so i hope it was at least some consolation

i wouldn't say it's regular, but it was kind of a thing with one of their ex girlfriends, I let them know i was against it but I didn't push too much because I didn't know too much about it or about how their relationship was, even if I didn't approve I could at least understand being bitter about an ex
I don't think it was one specific person, and honestly they were almost excited about it, they'd be laughing saying things like "wait, I have the perfect response" and stuff like that, and all laughing when one said something mean.

No alcohol or drugs, i mean it's possible one or 2 would but I had no reason to believe any were drinking at all
The worst thing that would happen if they "turn" would most likely be that they stop talking to me, and i'm only close friends with 3 of them, the rest are either a family member of one, or a friend of the same guy.
I mean I don't straight up want them out of my life, but a big part of that is that they are my only close friends that I see consistently.

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