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on Feb 25 2020 at 00:45
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Emotional advice Long story short, I moved to a new small town and met a guy, both of us a bit damaged from previous relationships, and not exactly looking to get into anything. Somehow things ended up on the more serious side of things and we were seeing eachother for about 4 months and I believed him when he would tell me he didn't want to lose me, he could see a future with me, he wouldn't hurt me, let him get to know the real me. Then suddenly he decided I was getting to serious and ended things with me, and now I'm thinking maybe I imagined everything

Annyway I recently found out he's already messaging other girls in town and trying to hook up with other people, which hurts like hell but he's single so that's whatever I guess. But I found out about this because some girls in town were gossiping about it, and calling him creepy and making fun of him. And I know from expierence he is really bad at knowing how to read situations. Now I'm trying to figure out if I should tell him about this, and can't decide if I want to tell him for his benefit or because I want him to know I know and that I'm hurt. And as I have no friends in this town, I only had him, I have no one to talk to about this.


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on Feb 25 2020 at 04:16
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Move on from him because he doesn't know what or who he needs at the moment. If you're still hurting from a previous relationship, then you don't really need anyone who pretends to be serious which just creates further issues in your life. This guy's in the same boat as you and that's why his actions are the opposite of someone who should be supporting you rather than abandoning you.

Let him work it out himself. All you need to do is get on with your life, heal and regain your happiness, so you are ready when the right guy comes along who will treat you as you deserve to be.

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