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Boyfriend having "crush," on another woman

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on Jun 22 2012 at 04:10
Member since: 22 June 2012
Relationship advice About two days ago, I read my boyfriend's journal. It was an invasion of privacy and completely disrespectful. I did it because I was suspicious. He had been texting in a shady fashion for lack of a better term and all of a sudden he had a key passcode on his phone. The day that the big problem started went like this. He forgot to lock his code and i saw he had a text from a "pheobe." I asked him about it, he said it was nothing and wouldnt further with detail. So, later that night I saw his journal and his entry stated, "Katie saw that Pheoge texted me. Shes mad at me... I have a crush on Pheobe." Naturally, I was hurt and demanding an explanation and he said "its nothing, its a friendship crush." I've never heard of such terminology and the entire situations sounds shady. I should also include he left his former girlfriend last year for me under similar circumstances. Maybe its karma or his m.o. I guess my big question is, does a friendship crush exist? As a subjective observer, how does this sound to you? I can't look at it straightly right now as I'm hurt.
Boyfriend having "crush," on another woman
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on Jun 23 2012 at 08:16
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well, there really isnt such thing as a freindship crush. if there is he still has a crush on this girl. you shouldnt take this lying down. he's hiding shit from you (excuse my language) and you've been with him for 1 year. You should definatley confront him about this. also, if you let him get away with this it might lead to more than a "friendship crush".
Boyfriend having "crush," on another woman
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on Jul 2 2012 at 06:42
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Before you try and work out what his motives are , try and work out your strengths in your relationship , and what maybe weak atm, He is looking for emotinal fufillment in something that is a fantasy, when that should be shared with you. Talk to him and do not feel there has be bad and good person you are as much or as little in control as you want to be , and if you love him you will fight for that right, on the other hand if you dont feel there is a spark or an understanding at all , maybe its just time for some moving on and a little unrest.x

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