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Dating advice. Stay or move on?

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Online Dating advice I need some dating advice and would appreciate it so much.

I’ve been going out with this lad for a few weeks, we hit it off and went on fun dates. We got to know each other and started to like each other. Then one day he was telling me how he felt life and work was getting on top of him and the next day he told me he needed some time for himself.

I respected that and told him that if he needed to talk to anyone I’m there for him.

We’ve not spoken since, I contacted him a week later and got no reply and it’s coming up to 3 weeks now.

What do I do? I wanna stay loyal and wait but I don’t know whether to move on?

We both spoke about how honest we are and if it never worked out we’d tell each other so I want to think of we weren’t dating he’d tell me in a quick message but he hasn’t.

I do miss him as I do really like him because I haven’t been with anyone since for 3 years.

Any advice you have would be amazing.

Dating advice. Stay or move on?

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Move on because it's more than likely the guy has moved on from you. Have a look at his actions and not so much his words. How can you stay loyal to a guy who can't be bothered to even communicate with you?

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