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My wife's wandering eyes towards my brother

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on Mar 2 2020 at 21:40
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Relationship advice Hi, me and my wife married for 2 months now. We had an arranged marriage. At first she rejected my brother's match and liked my match and she really liked me and loved. We were happy. I work in night shifts and a less paying job than my brother. Where he works for a good company and travels to clients place for every 2 months back and forth. Me and my wife living in there house for 2 weeks now. I am noticing frequent eye glazes between them. My wife doing it when I am not looking at her. She is a social nervous and shy person. I don't know why she is doing that, I am more attractive than him in all possible ways. Am I over reacting, feeling insecure? This is killing me , what should I do? Please help.

My wife's wandering eyes towards my brother

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on Mar 3 2020 at 13:08
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What evidence do you have besides “looks” at each other that YOU think are suspicious?

This is more is about your relationship with your brother than anything going on between him and your wife.

For some reason you feel inferior to him. And that feeling has affected your relationship with your wife.

Seek counseling before you damage your marriage.

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