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I have been wrongly accused of harrassment

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I was friends with this girl for 6 years. She lived in Lincoln and I made the long trip to see her a few times. I even told my study conductor about her. I was really kind to her and I became her best friend. I told her all about Jehovah's Witnesses. I was hoping she would become one and said she would look into it, but decided to become a Catholic in the end because she was brought up as one. But then one night on the phone I accidentally offended her. Because I suggested that foreign people in England should be more English. I meant adopt English culture, because I believe that every country has the right to have it's culture. So why cannot England have it too? (There's even a political party known as the British Nigerian Party. They want to give Britain a Nigerian culture! I heard about them on Facebook! So if you think the British National Party are bad think about them!). Back to the story.My friend was offended because I forgot she was from Israel. But I wasn't talking about her (she had English culture anyway). I write to her trying to apologise. I thought the reason it had come out the way it did was due to way I was brought up. My parents were rather racist and not in the truth. But it wasn't meaningful enough to get her to forgive. Instead she ended the friendship, told me not to contact her anymore and her church said she was doing the right thing! I was shocked! The bible says you must forgive! I am already distressed and she has to make it worse? I think her church only told her this because they didn't like her being friends with a JW. I tried to warn her that she was wrong. But she wouldn't listen! I didn't mean what I said in racist way! "She is being petty and unforgiving" someone said. Eventually (yes, you guessed it) the police phoned and told me that if I contact her again I will be arrested and taken to police station. But he didn't make a lot of sense. He said I was forgiven but she still didn't want to see me again. How can that be forgiveness? It wouldn't be accepted in my congregation. I hung up on this stupid officer. I wasn't drunk enough for it. I complained to them (a few months later as I was advised not to at first). I didn't want to just leave her because I feared that it was the Catholic thing to do and I wanted to do it Jehovah's way. Her side of the argument is worried about her past. Mine is worried about her future. Is not more logical to worry about the future? But they refused to contact her on my behalf and said the officer was being lawful. "I appreciate that you believe that you was acting on behalf of Jehovah but it doesn't change the fact it was actually you that made the call" they said." They also didn't want to engage in it anymore and suggested I should get some independent advice (such as a solicitor). But the one I contacted on the Internet saw it as harassment, like the police did. I asked Yahoo Answers to find me one and the answers I got nearly made me vomit! They were so rude! I was only trying to get her to do what the bible said, not harass her. True friends stab in the chest. right? So why she couldn't thank me for my good advice I do not know. I need to forgive her too and she is making it extremely difficult. I found it almost impossible after the police phoned.

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