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Co-worker chaos

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Work advice I've been working at the same place for over 10 years and I've seen many people slack off and blame others when things go wrong with the cases we work on. I do forensic work and a lot of it is team work. We recently had evaluations and my higher ups ripped me apart based on employee feedback. Now I am one to take responsibility for my mistakes. But I'm also outspoken when others aren't doing their jobs and leaving it for me to do. Because of this, I got negative feedback from co-workers. I've been looking for a new job but coming up short. I've also been told that I'm next in line for a promotion but that could be another year. How can I make the best of my current situation until something else comes along and what do I do if nothing does come along and I'm stuck where I am?

Co-worker chaos

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After 10 years, you're well and truly overdue for promotion. Your issue doesn't lie with your co workers, it lies with your bosses because they employ people to their standards and they in turn are employed by people/organisations/companys who share the standards. For them to chastise you because of fellow colleague evaluations tells you where you stand absolutely. It also tells you that you have managers in your workplace, but no leaders.

It's your boss who should be keeping his/her respective team together and dealing with everyday issues as they arise and ensuring that the work is completed competently. It's one of the most challenging responsibilites of any manager in any profession..dealing with different personalities and getting the best effort from all of the team 100% of the time.

If you feel that your standards aren't appreciated in a negative environment, and you're not valued, then it's time to move on and don't worry, because when one door closes another one opens, but it's up to you to make sure that the next door to open is a better one. Just as you state that you take responsibility for your mistakes, you also need to take responsibility for decisions which will effect your career in the future.

Co-worker chaos

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Getting along with others is essential in any job. In your situation, there is even more pressure on everyone because it’s supposed to be a team effort. Sounds like it really bothers you when others slack off their responsibilities And the team looks bad.

You don’t mention that you are the team supervisor, but as a team member, you let others know when things aren’t up to standards. Your superiors should be glad that you care so much!

The issue for your co- workers may be HOW you speak to them about quality control. Some people consider that as correction, complaining or even harassment. Apparently they told your supervisors their feelings about your work habits.

Your choices are:
Let the cards fall where they do and stop cleaning up other people’s messes.
Find anither jib where tou have piwer to hire or fire

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