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Am imagining things?! What's going on?!

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Is he into me? Ok guys...I need your help. My ex and I are friends. Not close close friends, but our relationship didn't end badly 10 yrs ago. We see each other ever so often at mutual friends house and talk some. So I sent him a message on FB and asked a question on a paper because he is an English major.

1.His response was I did an excellent job writing and went above and beyond. 2. After that he asked how I have been doing
3. We chatted on and off for the remainder of the afternoon. Small talk.
4. I ended up joking about being a dork with my jokes and he said I have always been that way (in a good way). Then I said ”ya, that was like 10 years ago, right? Lol.”. He said ya something like that.
5. I mentioned something about being older and gaining weight and he said ”you look great”.

6. He then said he saw (on FB) that I liked a certain movie and asked me what I thought of it. (the movie has a lot of sex in it lol). I said yes I like it a lot. And he agreed the sex is hot in the movie.
7. I said well I think you look good as well! And he said ya right. Then I went too far and said well your ass still looks amazing the last time I saw you. Lol.He laughed
8. Then he said if your thinking of the movie now, I know what you will be doing later (he insinuated masturbation) lmao!!

9. I said who knows and he said I will let you go so you can get things done lol. And then said sweet dreams and talk to you later on tomorrow.
10. It's tomorrow and I want to message him but Idk if I should.

Am imagining things?! What's going on?!

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If he’s single and can mingle, go for it.

Otherwise, consider it just flirting and stay away.

Am imagining things?! What's going on?!

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I guess my thoughts are this: (1) If he is in a relationship you should stay away; (2) If you message him you are doing so in hopes that you hook up with him - so ask yourself this. If you do hook up, how will you feel about it the day after. If the answer is not good, they stay away; and (3) think about why your relationship ended and how you felt then. Messaging him back is only leading to one thing so think about how you will feel where that goes.

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