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Feeling rejected and disrespected

- Apr 9 2020 at 18:11
Member since: 09 April 2020
S-e-x advice When he looks at her naked and says do you want this,and gestures with no movement to his penis and she said duh. grab the lubricant and get him saturated and go to move closer and he gives her this weird look. how would you feel if your partner looks at you and said what are you doing when you're climbing on top of him to have sex?

Feeling rejected and disrespected

- Apr 20 2020 at 08:47
Member since: 20 April 2020
I would immediately feel uncomfortable and work to remedy the situation by excusing myself. It’s a failure to communicate, from your post it’s clear that thing makes were heating up. Instead of stopping you he just lead you on, I have been in a situation like that with my spouse before. Tell him how it made you feel or at least that’s what I did.

Feeling rejected and disrespected

- Apr 20 2020 at 13:55
Member since: 27 December 2013
Crude and rude.

All the time?

Does he treat you like this outside the bedroom?

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