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Is this narcissism?

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I met a person online, i will call this person J, we bounded fast. Tho J and i argue really bad over nothing. When we fight, J becomes really aggressive, he calls me names, he tells me that i cant remember what he said to me and that i have a memory of a fish. He basically knows exactly what to say to me that will hurt me. During this fight when i kept on closing the call because i didnt wanna talk with (basically i was only listening to him treating me bad) and i made that clear to him, he kept calling, spamming me from everywhere. He even told me that he will find my house number to call, because i had blocked 2 of his numbers. The thing is i am confused:D, Am i dealing with a narcissist person? Has anyone experience something similar or close to that..I have even watched videos and he seems like he has the traits of one but i dont know really. Thanks if you are reading this and if you reply thanks in advance.

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