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Guy giving so many mixed signals

- Apr 29 2020 at 00:02
Member since: 29 April 2020
Online Dating advice Hi. So I started talking to this guy well over a year ago. He initially was more interested than I was and kept emphasizing how he wanted to meet me. We finally met and went on a date and I thought it went really well. Life got the better of us and finding a time to hangout again got difficult. He insisted on talking to me all day every day though. It started getting to the point though where he stopped asking to hangout and it was only me being the one trying to initiate it. I also caught him a couple times lying about where he was or what he was doing to avoid seeing me. Yet he still talks to me daily and even makes jealous statements when I bring up something regarding a guy friend of mine. I guess I'm confused why he talks to me and acts interested yet wants nothing to do with me in person, so much as to the point he straight lies to avoid it

Guy giving so many mixed signals

- Apr 29 2020 at 16:03
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I don't know about you but my country is in full lockdown so even if I want to leave home, I'm not aloud. Just for essential stuff.

If he doesn't want to see you, the reality is that there's no way to know what's in his head. It can be a lot of stuff, but if he still talks to you maybe that indicates that he likes you in a way.

But the reality of things, it's whatever that is, isn't good for you and in my opinion isn't a good start.

Are you really sure he lied? Like 100% sure?

If it's indeed true that he lied to you, maybe it's better to step away for your own sanity. Because there will be always this dilema in your head, trying to figure out why. And is it worth it?

I know that you must really like this guy, but are you sure this is the best for you? Please ask yourself in a clear mind. If a person puts another in a hold, so suddenly without no explanation, it's hard. It shouldn't be like

that. It seems that you aren't dating yet, so think about.

Guy giving so many mixed signals

- May 1 2020 at 01:22
Member since: 29 December 2013
In your situation where a guy gives you mixed signals, you need to listen to your instinct. This guy gets jealous when you mention another guy but he doesn't want to hang with you which tells you that he wants to control the situation. If you're good enough to talk to, you should be good enough to date, and if you've caught him lying about his whereabouts etc at different times then, it's further telling you what sort of a person he is and where he's coming from.

Guy giving so many mixed signals

- May 3 2020 at 13:13
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Yup. He seems satisfied with this relationship from afar. Control by text!!

There was plenty of time before the recent lockdown for this relationship to move on. It didn’t happen.

Consider moving on from this kind of control. He’s wasting your valuable time.

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