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Get over someone while in a relationship

- May 13 2020 at 15:49
Member since: 13 May 2020
Relationship advice Hello! As the title said, I want to get over someone, he is my ex boyfriend. We dated for 2 months, and he broke up with me without any explanation. After the break up, I still see him in High school and misses him for 3 years. Now I graduated, and I’m currently in a happy relationship with someone else. But sometimes, I would still think about him, checks his social media, wanting to text him, wants to show him I’m a different person now. I hate feeling like this, I want to be loyal to my boyfriend. What should I do?

Get over someone while in a relationship

- May 13 2020 at 19:34
Member since: 01 December 2019

This actually happened to me. I did wrong in my ex relationship so.. I was trying to fix my mistake in my brain. But the best thing you need is to let go.

One day your actual boyfriend will notice and it won't be fun. There's no button to turn this off, is just something that will go away with time.

Block him on social media and delete his number. Trust me it's the only way. Don't go all doggy to him. He is the one that owns you an explanation girl.

You are better than this. And your boyfriend, if he treats you well and with love and kindness is better than any past relationship you might have.

It's not easy I know, but letting go goes with time.

Get over someone while in a relationship

- May 14 2020 at 02:53
Member since: 27 December 2013
Getting dropped without explanation can dig at a person for a long time. It wasn’t fair and he owed you an explanation. But you aren’t going to get it.

So be glad that this guy revealed to you how shallow and cruel he was (is) and that this character flaw that was reveled very early in the relationship.

Be at peace and look forward.

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