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Is my boyfriend putting me at unnecessary risk?

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My bf needs out patient ortho surgery and will be taking the COVID test beforehand. I will not be in the facility but will need to take care of him for a few days. I promised I'd help but that was before the COVID issue. My adult daughter and her SO will be visiting during this time and don't want me to go with my bf b/c I could be exposing myself and/or them. She said she won't visit me now if I decide to go with him at this time.

Also, they question if my bf should "expect" me to do this and why his grown daughter isn't doing so instead (she lives further than me and has 2 small kids and a husband and works like me but I'm older with no kids). When I mentioned the scheduling of my daughter's visit with his surgery he mocked me and said "she doesn't need you here the whole time she is visiting to hold her hand". Perhaps he could have said if it is causing too much stress (which it has definitely done), he can make other arrangements.

My daughter pointed out that I made the promise to take care of my bf before COVID - and this shouldn't be my responsibility - I'm not his fiancé, nor do I live with him - and only been seeing him for 7 months.

But I'm a very reliable person and I promise I follow through ---- what do I do?

Is my boyfriend putting me at unnecessary risk?

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Yeah, if you go by the Covid restrictions, your BF is putting you at risk particularly when you don't reside together. He has to have a Covid test but the results probably won't be known immediately and you need to be careful. Your daughter is being cautious and basically doing the right thing by not wanting to visit.

It doesn't matter what your plans were pre virus, and how reliable you are, everything is different now.

This virus is a killer and we all should be keeping each other as safe as possible and therefore our responsibilities lie with all of us doing the right thing however hard it is to do.

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