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Angry wife makes me depressed

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Relationship advice Since we had kid my wife has been always angry. I am not a perfect person, but i believe i amdoing a job good overall. I work hard, i have a high salary,but still time to care of my son,wash dishes and many homechores and trying to be as loving as possible.

I knowmy wife likes to use me as a punching bag,so being angry at me she feels better with herself. I dont feel is fair,because i dont pass on her my work frustrations.

Everyday hearing nagging, put me down and affects me emotionally. I feel like being poisoned.

I do yoga,meditate and live really healthy. Usually i am happier alone but i cant do to my kid.

Anyoneout there feelink g like that?

Many thanks

Angry wife makes me depressed

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Your wife needs to get medically checked and she could need professional counseling because, if she wasn't like this before your child was born, then something is driving her anger. It's not fair that you bear the brunt of it of whatever it is and yes, it'll eventually wear you down to nothing if it continues. She needs to understand that although it makes her feel better with herself to be angry with you, it's not healthy for all concerned, especially your child who needs a loving and safe environment to thrive.

If she's not coping, then you should try to discuss the issue with her or encourage her to seek professional assistance and go with her if she agrees to.

Angry wife makes me depressed

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Hello Mike22! I am so sorry that you are experiencing this with your wife. Have you sat down and had a heart to heart with her and asked her why she is so angry all the time? Have you shared with her the way she is making you feel? Her anger could be a result of stress. Stress is very powerful, and sometimes it causes people to act out in angry ways. Maybe she feels overwhelmed for whatever reason, and also, she could be experiencing anxiety. I encourage you to ask her if she is feeling this way, and maybe suggest her seeing a dr to make sure there isn't another physical reason for this. After having a baby, women sometimes start to feel rundown due to more demands being put on them (and if she works too and if there is more than one child), and they also start to feel unattractive. Are you making sure to let her know she is still beautiful and attractive to you? Women deal with body weight issues after pregnancy and if she's carrying around 'baby weight', shes feeling ugly and not sexy anymore.

Hope this gives you some insight!

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