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Boyfriend troubles

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Okay. So me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 months. He tells me that he gets upset because I never text him first, but isn't that the guys job? I mean, when we go on dates, he never even picks me up. I go to his house (2mins away) and I always cater to what he has going on. And if I don't text him (this started recently) then he wont text me at all that day. Last weekend, he told me we would hang out that weekend. So we were texting Froday night and I was telling him about something that was troubling me. (This wasntt about our relationship.) And he said okay, we'll talk about it tomorrow night. So I figured that was stating that we would hang out Saturday night. Saturday night rolls around and then I get no cal and no text. So I text him at 8 and ask if we were still hanging out and then after 30 mins of no reply, I text again and say

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