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Depression and misunderstanding

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I am in my mid teens and have severe depression. I feel very sad, empty and trapped every day, for no reason. I am living with my mother and no one else, and I have friends but it's not like I can actually talk to them about these things. We are all fairly shallow together.
I have tried multiple therapists, but they never worked for me. I could change the way I thought, but not the way I felt. I resorted to medications but none of them worked. Especially during the health crisis, it is difficult to find an available psychiatrist and I feel selfish for doing so. Depression is real, though. My mother disagrees, and although she pretends to understand she often lets a comment slip like,

Depression and misunderstanding

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Hello Rollingsun,

Depression is very real. I know for a fact. I have close relatives that suffer it and I have seen first hand the struggle they go through.

I want to tell you that you're not alone. Even though it might look like it, you have people you can talk to and who can give you company, a good pair of ears to let you vent what you feel and a hand when you feel you're on the floor and need to stand again.

We're here for you.

Stay strong. You can do it! You are unique, precious and valuable.

Don't let anyone tell you anything different!

Warm hugs for you.

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