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What would you do?

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Relationship advice A female comes to my fiancé’s garage almost everyday and stands for hours and talks to him. I’ve said stuff in past and she stopped for awhile then somehow makes her way back in. We have dogs so at first her excuse was coming here to walk and have her dog play with ours. She doesnt walk anymore. It’s really bothering me when I look out and she’s down there and he stops whatever he is doing to talk with her. He doesnt stop anything for me. I may be overreacting but I dont think what she is doing is right. Am I wrong for getting upset?

What would you do?

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Hello there,

I think you should talk with your fiance and make it clear how you're feeling. Try to talk calmly and show him your point of view. Saying something like "you never stop anything for me" won't help, rather try to say something in the lines of "I would like more of your attention, I'm feeling pushed away and I don't like how it feels"

You can deliver the same message, yet the second wording will probably get your fiance's attention while the first one can be just dismissed as jealosy.

Good luck!

What would you do?

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Hi TroubledSue,
I'm sorry that you are experiencing this situation. IMO, you should be addressing this issue with your fiancee, not the other girl. I encourage you to tell him how you feel, because this is going to be an ongoing issue throughout your life together. He should not be spending time with her without you there, and you should not be spending time with other males without him there. Temptation is too easy and comes in like a lion sometimes, and then can lead to infidelity. This issue needs to be sat down and talked about in a heart to heart matter, and if you can't come to terms before marriage, then that is a red flag.


What would you do?

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I don't think your wrong for being upset, if a man was constantly coming over to talk to you I don't think he would like it either.

Trust your intuition theres a reason why it bothers you and I honestly dont believe this other womens intentions are good.

She should find her own man to talk to .

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