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My fiancée suddenly broke up with me

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Relationship advice Hello all, my fiancée suddenly broke up with me the other day. It was completely unexpected. She has suffered with anxiety and depression for years, she ws physically abused by her father as a child and she has had toxic relationships with other men in the past that has been physically, mentally and emotionally terrible.

She also suffers from chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The whole lock down in England as made her feel worse as its prevented her from seeing her only family which is her mother and sister who live a while away. Over the past few weeks she has been more ill then usual and asked me to stay with her at her shared house due to her feeling really down and incase of another lockdown, which ofcourse I agreed too.

However last week I had to spend 2 nights away due to work but I still called in to check on her and she wasn't in a good state which killed me inside.

So, the other day I was at work and she sent me a message saying she wanted to be alone and doesn't want to waste each others time any more. She also said somethings just not there and that she's happy to stay as friends. (I cannot do that) and that she needs her own space and needs to be on her own.

It completely threw me off and due to me working in a hospital, this message caused to me suddenly start sweating like crazy and I got sent home with them thinking I had a fever as I didn't want to admit what the actual problem was due to shock.

Now I just feel lost and heartbroken. It was only last week we was talking about marriage and living together in our forever home. I've been nothing but supportive however I can and I'm at a complete lost.

Has anyone else been a similar situation or could offer any advice as my minds gone into overdrive and ofc all I want to do it get back together

Thanks for your time.

My fiancée suddenly broke up with me

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When someone feels depressed, it's like an animal when he get sick, he goes far away from it's pack and loved ones. You feel like a burden to them and you just wanna be lonely and suffer alone.

All those things that you mentioned require close observation from doctors of various medical fields. She needs help. She should have been followed closely by a psychiatrist for the duration of the lockdown and more.

When you feel like you are in the wrong, it's a feeling that won't easily go away and can get very worse. Her other diseases in association is also something that worries me.

The thing is, you can't obligate her to see a doctor, but as a friend it's something that you should suggest to her and her family. Unfortunately, only time will say if she decides to come back or not.

One thing that I've been experiencing a lot of benefits with my patients is a ketogenic diet. It helps a lot with chronic pain, fatigue and fibromyalgia. She should check if that isn't an option for her.

Sorry for my broken English. Hope this helps.

My fiancée suddenly broke up with me

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I've said that but I don't mean it. Sometimes when you're not well you don't want the people you love and care about to suffer or to see you suffering .
It could be hormonal during that time of the month us women get very emotional.
I think don't give up on her continue being there for her if shes still communicating with you.

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