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Wife won’t admit to lies

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My wife will never admit to any of her lies.
I have to catch her red handed and when I do she uses every excuse in the book!
She also has uncontrollable anger. Anger like smashing the iPhone, or running outside hysterical. I’ve had to move to my moms house several times cause of her anger & behavior. She takes thing to the extreme!
She’s pregnant with our first child too!
We’ve been married for only 8months &
I’m not sure what to do!

Wife won’t admit to lies

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What are the lies?

Wife won’t admit to lies

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Her Dr needs to know about her behavior. These actions are not good for her or the unborn child.

Marriage counseling is needed, also. Your wife is not happy. Find out why.

Wife won’t admit to lies

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I'm not sure what to do either, but together we can explore some options.

First, it is not only critical that you accept these behaviors as being self destructive, but that your wife also acknowledges this. Through unconditional love and forgiveness from you, family, and friends I can hope that she receives the message and attempts to change her behavior, not just for herself, but for her family. However, sometimes these behaviors can only be changed medically. Have you considered professional consultation with her physician, or a psychiatrist?

This transition may be a journey and may take a community, but you made a promise to her in marriage "for better or worse" and now there is another one to consider.

Let us know how the journey goes.

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