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Press charges or not?

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I found out my girlfriend was cheating so completely ignored her and wanted nothing to do with her.

Two weeks after she admitted cheating she sent me a random message that said ‘leave me alone, don’t contact me again’ which I though was odd because I hadn’t had any contact for two weeks. But I ignored it.

The following weekend I had a voicemail from her. (I don’t have my phone in work so didn’t see the call) on the voicemail she said she was standing at the edge of the train platform and she couldn’t cope anymore and she was going to commit suicide. The time on the voicemail was 3 mins earlier so I tried calling, texting and messaging her to try and get in contact.

Finally spoke to her and she said she was being taken to the hospital.

I then didn’t hear anything, until the police turned up at my house later in the week accusing and arresting me for harassment.

What she did was give the police screenshots from her phone saying ‘don’t contact me’ ect then the screenshots of the missed calls and messages from me saying ‘please contact me I’m worried’ ect

Luckily i still had the voicemail and I managed to play it to them, it was only then they believed me.

Question is..Do I press charges?, she’s had/got mental health issues and ptsd, I want her to understand that she can’t do that to people because if I had deleted that voicemail or answers the call, I would have been screwed. If I press charges then that’s what sends her over the edge and means she actually does something to herself I count live with myself for that, she has lost her job because of this as she used to work for the police so she’s suffered in a way.

Press charges or not?

If she has mental health issues, I wouldn't resort to pressing charges right away. What I would do is put a peace Bond or restraining order against her. That way she can no longer contact you in any way or physically be around you. So if she chooses to then at that point she's choosing to break the law. But no I would not go straight to pressing charges. Give her a chance to know that you are getting the police involved but not in a way that involves her getting in trouble.... yet

Press charges or not?

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Thanks For Your Reply.

I already have been told by the police to call immediately if she tried to make contact.

I have changed my number but I run a limited company so if she really wanted to she could still find my details by searching company records, finding the company name and using a search engine to find my business number.

She’s already been punished, as she worked for the police they sacked her and has now lost her job.

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