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University degree

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Education advice Hi there!

If you could please take time to give an instinctive opinion on this thread it would be greatly appreciated as when I’m making a decision I like to include a range of perspectives. However, I know I must make my own choices and that has to be what I want.

So- I’m close to the time of applying for uni and I’m very confused. I’m so torn whether to peruse a degree I would enjoy (history or biology) and incorporate that within a teaching career (at a secondary school or further education) OR go for a career within medicine (attending for 5/6 years plus training.)

COVID this year has unfortunately altered the grades I would’ve been getting for my “important grade year” in secondary due to the cancellation of exams. I would be getting ones slightly lower however would have the opportunity to utilise an experience I’m currently undertaking to adjust the grading boundaries. This situation would for most definitely impact my choice whether I choose medicine or not. The programme also allows for me to adjust the entry test score, should it be lower.

What I’m upmost torn between however, is the actual careers themselves. I have always seen myself to be able to express information well and I work great with children and young people, that is why I believe I can excel in the teaching career. On the other hand however, I also saw myself within a clinical setting providing care to the community through a love of science.

I really don’t know what the outcome will be for my decision making. However every time I lean towards teaching I always think, WHAT IF I regret that I didn’t attempt medicine? What if I did actually sit the entry exam AND progressed to the interview stage, then actually succeeded at that and GOT in. I truly don’t know if I have a ‘love’ for either careers and I don’t have the physical time to explore what I’m thoroughly ‘good’ at and take a shot at it. I must take the entry exam by September this year to be considered for a medical interview, I’m just not sure if it’s truly worth paying the physical price to not actually want to do it in the end.

Results day is in August and that’s when I’ll discover what my ‘important grades’ are, I don’t think I’ll be able to make a decision off of them. I appreciate the benefits of teaching ie holidays etc (in a practical sense) but the regret factor unsettles me very much so.
You’ve got to “want” medicine I’ve heard and I’ve been told by tutors “not to do teaching”

I recognise I’m very very grateful that I even have a choice in the first place. I need to have a clear goal to work towards and if anyone could chip in that would be fantastic.


University degree

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Oh man, thats difficult! I say do what your heart loves! HIstory or Biology! Medicine would definitely be a strong career choice, but when you close your eyes, what can you reeeeeeally see yourself doing?

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