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Just lost a child due to forced adoption

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Hi, My son was born at 25 weeks and suffered a number of health issues while in the hospital. He had a bleed in the brain, bleed in the lungs, he had 2 eye surgery’s, he began to have cysts in his brain and I was told he would never walk or talk. At the same time I was in an abusive relationship where things were happening to me at home. I started to not go to the hospital as much as I faced a lot of trauma. My child was removed from me when he was discharged and my partner was recalled to prison. I have been going through court proceedings to try and get him back unfortunately he has been granted an adoption order, they say that they think I will not be able to manage his needs in the future as I don’t have much of a support system and the correct finances. I haven’t been given the opportunity to demonstrate I could have taken care of him. It’s all quite unjust.

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