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Hey, Please don’t judge me on this, I know what I done was completely and totally wrong. Me and my ex were together were 8 years and lived together for 2 weeks in those 2 years we had a lot of money problems. I stupidly took out catalogue accounts in his time. He has now found out and is understandably upset and annoyed. The amount owed comes to £2,500, I will be repaying £800 when I get paid next week and have paid £150 this week. He said said he does not want to go the police but we are trying to come to way to sort this out ( which is more than understanding in his part) I have got a phone appointment with citizens advice on Tuesday For a bit of advice of how to deal with this (obviously me sorting it all out) I’m just rather worried that if he does go to the police that I will end up going to prison. I care for my Mam and I’m the only one to do this so for what would happen to her. I know if I did end up in prison it would be the least I would deserve. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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