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Initiating a conversation

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I know this question may sound silly. Trust me, I am a working professional and not a high school girl. Just that I have these crazy endless thoughts.

If a guy likes a girl, would he ever not initiate a conversation with her? The thing is we don't have any mutual friends. And we have never spoken to each other. If he was into me, he would definitely try to inbox me in social media or something, right, if not face-to-face?

Like I was the one who kind of initiated. I added him and later, inboxed him in a professional network but it was really formal. And his response looked like he didn't want to talk further. It wasn't even one complete word.

The thing is I always felt like he liked me too. There were all these signs. He would always be lurking around, passing looks, smiling, etc. He even commented on my post. Was he just leading me on and boosting his ego? Like 'Oh look! Girls are into me!'

I feel hurt. Though we never had a relationship. It's weird, I know. But when I met him, I felt like I knew him from a long time back. There was this sense of familiarity. Deja vu.

I felt like this was it. But... What do you think?

Initiating a conversation

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You need to step up to the plate and just ask this guy out for a coffee or whatever and kick off the conversation from there. You post about if a guy likes a girl he'll do this or do that, but you just need to grab this guy and get in his face, once and for all, and find out what makes him tick. If your gut's telling you that he likes you too, then trust it and act on it.

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