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Manipulative ex

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Online Dating advice I'm here again to look for forums where I can share my insides. I feel really bad about starting last month. I've done bad deeds like flirting even having a guy for a reason that my partner is busy and entertaining other stuff. He wanted me to tell him what's wrong and if I do he will say that all I do is make him mad. We're both are LDR meaning if I'm in Asia he's on the US.

So my problem is this, I told him the beginning of the story of what happened and haven't told him the full details yet. Before that he dump me twice before meaning he took the initiative to break up with me and when he wanted to get back again I told him the problem at first he's fine but he asked the other guy. I know I did cheat but I want him to tell him I want to start again even if he accepts me as friends that's fine but what he did is different from what I expected.

He told all his friends about it and even threatens me that he will make me suffer. So how is my ex abusive? He is in term of mentality, he often gets mad at me when I did some bad move like leaving him in the dark because I don't know what kind of approach I could give or tell him the problem and when I did he gets mad so our fights end up all being like that and I got tired to the point when he gets annoyed I apologize. Since not fighting is the best option but back on the issue, he spread everything about me and even make false rumors for me that I go for other men either taken or not. I know they aren't true but I just thought that I would get accepted by someone who I care but all I got is this.

Actually, I wanted to apologize I know it's my fault but now that he spread it I fear that my family gets hurts or knows it because he told me he will get his revenge and even hurt my family.

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