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Should I come out

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I finally managed to move out my parents house about a year ago I am gay I’m still in the closet I felt this would give me a chance to come out having my own space however my mum recently had mental health problems and my parents need to move in with me but I still haven’t came out and I need them to know that I do have life plans but should I tell them just now when mums struggling with her health ?

Should I come out

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I think its sad that you finally moved out and now they are going to move in with you? WOW.
So your Mom has health problems you said...mental health is really tricky...but if she is in treatment there is really nothing anyone can do except support her when she needs it.

However, you should love yourself...regardless of your sexual orientation and that means being yourself...your authentic self...and I'm pretty sure your parents will also love you and may already have a suspicision of your sexual orientation.

I lived with a man for 6 years ...I knew his son was gay...but his son never "officially came out" until 5 years after me and this man were no longer together. I am still friendly with the man so I asked him...Didn't you know? I told him I knew....He said he had an inkling..but wasn't really sure...This man I loved and that lived with me was molested by a man when he was a boy...which is why I never "pointed" out to him that I thought his son may be gay...I thought my X would be so devestated at the thought of his son having relations with "men" when he had been damaged so psychology by being invaded by a man....and it was his oldest son.

He is OK with the whole thing and very happy for his son...very happy that his son doesn't feel like he has to hide who he is anymore.

It would be scary for you to tell your parents even if your Mom wasn't ill because you are afraid (as any normal person would be) of rejection...Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with your Moms has to do with you and who you are...and I believe she will accept you no matter what and if she DIDNT? Maybe she would after it sunk in a little bit....But, either are who you are loveable...just because your parents may at first seem not "like" or "accept" who you actually are....doesn't mean it will always be that way....Sometimes these things can be a shock to people...some people take time to adjust to "change"....from what they knew to what IS....

I say...tell will feel better....and it will start for them whatever process they need to start to learn how to love and accept you as who you actually are..rather than who you have been "pretending" to be.

Should I come out

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Is there anything else that you can do for your mom that could help her out rather than moving her in with you? Like getting her 24 /7 help or live in help,.

What is your father‘s role in all of this? The reason I ask this is that I would like to see you be able to have your own life for a while so you can express yourself freely, and Still be a loving child to your parents.

If it’s financial maybe you can even help them out monthly in their own home. Moving is so stressful, too.

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