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Neighbor girl

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S-e-x advice I am 39 years old, single and live alone. A couple of months ago, new neighbors moved in on my street, a few houses down, and I became friendly with them. It's a couple around my age and their 14 year old daughter.

For whatever reason, their daughter has taken quite the liking to me. It started with her being giggly and making eyes at me when we mt on the street or at the mailbox, for example. Typical teenage girl crush kind of things.

Now, however, she's been turning it up a bit. it seems as though she can't talk to me without reaching out and touching my arm or my chest. The other day, she made a very thinly veiled double entendre alluding to the fact that she wants to give me oral sex.

The thing is, I find this girl very attractive. She's tall, tanned and blonde, which is totally my type. She's also very well endowed. If you met her for the first time and thought she was 20, nobody would blame you. She also has a pierced bellybutton, which I have always thought was a major turn on.

Short of moving, does anybody have any idea what I could do here? I'm worried that if she makes any more provocative move than she already has, like kissing me, I'm not going to be able to control myself and I'm going to sleep with her and/or take her up on her offer for oral sex. That would, obviously, create a whole new set of problems. I don't feel as though I know her parents well enough to broach the subject with them, and honestly, I don't think it's the kind of thing you want to hear about your daughter anyway.

Neighbor girl

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Your honesty is very admirable
But this can't develop any further without catastrophic consequences
She is a child and therefore is totally out of bounds to you an adult regardless of how old she looks or whatever attributes she has
Children are vulnerable and safeguarded
And that is that
Please don't explore this any further

Neighbor girl

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You are in the position to change this girl’s life.

It’s so exciting for me to think that you have the power to impact her so that she can grow up to be a lovely young woman.

You will feel dirty if you let her behave the way she is.
You will feel so good and full of true honor if you help her.

Meet her somewhere in public. Don’t meet her at your house because clearly this girls mind is fickle, and she can get you into a lot of trouble if you don’t keep her happy.

Sit down with her and tell her about a project that you are working on that you think that she might have fun with.

We all have to build our lives and we do that by gathering and creating definitions, this is how we power our will and guide our character.

Give her a bunch of pages with one of following titles on each of the pages giving her lots of room to write her thoughts all over them. Give her extra pages for her to choose what is important to her to define, add a few ideas of your own… what do you think is important for people to define?

ANNE HATHAWAY and her body of work
JANET JACKSON and her body of work
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and his body of work

Give her a nice notebook for her to start gathering HER LIFE in, so that can guide herself towards freedom and peace.

Teach her to love herself.

Neighbor girl

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We don't know what is important to us, until we define what is important to us.

You should not be as important to her as some of the ideas that I have listed.

She just doesn't know that she needs to teach herself.

She will be hanging on your every word.... your role and the way you present yourself is very important....can you think of an actor and their character to channel for this experience? HUGH JACKMAN in that movie with Meg Ryan KATE AND LEOPOLD, that is a great movie!! Or maybe JEAN LUC PICARD captain of the starship enterprise!!! Or.....

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