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Relationship advice My husband keeps online cheating this has been going on for years on and off he keeps deleting the apps promising never again
Last year I had enough i felt worthless so I did the wrong thing and wrongly had a affair we sorted it out promised never again we got passed it thought all was good
But I found out again last week he is at it again 😥 his excuse he gets bored when I work ok I work daft hours as a community health care and he works and he is home alone 2 evenings a week and he says that why he started but I have to work
I feel I should end my marriage as I cant take no more


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It stinks to say this..but I WOULD HAVE TO....I would struggle also letting go of him...because it is your wanted it to be want to keep trying...I have had a similar situation....You get to a point where you have to ask yourself...Do I really just always want to feel worried and not good enough?

Because the cheaters are just empty or missing something inside, or they are addicted to sex or this or that...but it has nothing to do with you...He keeps trying to hide it from you, he obviously loves you...he married you... you always just want to feel worried and not good enough?
Cause you are good enough...and I don't know how old you are but I wouldn't wait much would need time to process and heal from all the psychological trauma this marriage has caused you and then still have time to restart your life...and either find someone else that doesn't cheat OR just be single..whichever you work out...But I would be DONE with this siutation Im sorry...Divorce is hard and draining, and so so complicated..

But what you are doing is stressful and degrading to yourself, and also very very painful and complicted.

You deserve to be happy..single or with him or with someone else..
BUT you are NOT HAPPY..Haven't been for a while...don't go on like this and end up in your rocking chair saying..."I should have left 10 years ago".
Best of strenghth and luck to you.


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What do you mean by “online cheating“?

Is he just looking at pictures? Or is he having discussions with women? Is he meeting these women ? Is he paying for all of these “services? “

Believe it or not some women don’t care if their man looks at these kinds of sites. In fact some of them can even laugh at it because it’s so pitiful.

He knows it bothers you and it’s affecting the marriage so he hides it from you. He has an addiction. You have to decide if this is a dealbreaker for your marriage. Please consider going to counseling so that he can try to figure out why he has to carry on like this. But that’s something for him and the counselor to work on. If he refuses to go to marriage counseling, go by yourself. You need to strengthen yourself so that you can decide How to handle this addiction in your marriage.

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