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I’m so confused over a hook up with me and my ex’s friend

So my ex and I broke up ages ago and I matched with his friend on tinder. Then I readied back on Snapchat and he never really spoke to me on it so I didn’t think much of it. But one night I was at a party and he was swiping up on my story and the next day I seen we had a conversation and I didn’t think anything of it lol. But then one night he text me asking did I want to go for a drive with him and I agreed and he collected me and we drove around a little bit and then we had sex. We didn’t text or talk after it but he would watch my story and like my Instagrams lol. So then he stopped liking them and I grew anxious and asked him today was he mad at me and he said no why and I said I thought he was and then he just opened the message and didn’t reply . So I called him out saying if he only got with me to wind up my ex I’d be so annoyed and I told him I don’t like being used. He said “ I don’t give a shit about one upping (my ex’s name) So I replied “ that’s fine I don’t want it getting out because my ex’s friends would cause drama , I’m not fighting with you I am hardly going to let you use me” He said “ I don’t talk to any of his friends and I’m not a child ( my first name) Then I said again about how I don’t like being used and he said this : “ why are you literally trying to start a fight here , we rid , that’s it big deal, haven’t told anyone , not gonna tell anyone” And I said “ ye don’t , because if that was for spite I don’t want the drama with that group ( my ex’s friends - who used to be his friends too ) I don’t know if I took it wrong what he said or I’m just looking to hear what I want to hear but idk I’m so confused does he like me or did he just want sex from me ? I honestly don’t know so that’s why I’m on this forum. I don’t know whether to keep him on sc or not anymore either so advice altogether would be appreciated x

I’m so confused over a hook up with me and my ex’s friend

I'm going to say....he doesn't seem to be comforting you...You specifically made him aware that you are uncomfortable by asking him if he was mad at you. A good person and a good candidate for a partner would have given you the reassurance you needed. I think you are wasting your time...Chalk this one night stand up...forget about it....I don't think he likes you as much as you like him. i hope he proves me wrong and starts paying some more attention to you because i know how much it hurts to have sex with someone....(which for a woman is emotionally fullfilling) and then to have them not talk to you as start to analyze yourself and the whole night that you had lowers your self esteem...and you are seemingly getting close to desperation to know if he likes you or not... He doesn't like you as much as you want him to already...he did not make you feel better or you wouldn't have came on a forum to talk about the situation...Not many HAPPY people are on forums.. I want you to move on from him DUMP HIM! And find someone that is worthy of your sex and attention...someone that will make you feel happy, warm and comforted ALWAYS...not just during sex. This isn't about YOU...theres nothing wrong with you...I'm sorry you are feeling down.

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