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What should I do between my two friends who no longer talk each other?

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Relationship advice Basically, there are two friends of mine a guy and a girl, who were* very close to each other than me last year. However, when we get back together after summer holiday for a few months, I notice that something has happened between them and they keep ignoring each other. I'm feeling really awkward whenever I meet a guy friend while I'm together with a girl friend. The situation is harder for me now since I become really close to both of them over summer through chat and calls. I'm feeling unable to ask what happened exactly as I will feel more more awkward if I know. Obviously, I don't want to cut ties with one friend in order to stay with another friend. I just hate the fact that I have to choose one. If you were me, what would you do?

What should I do between my two friends who no longer talk each other?

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I'm just asking myself....How GOOD of FRIENDS are these people to you? If you feel like you can't ask one or both of them what has happened between them? It doesn't sound like you have to chose can be friends with both...but it sounds like they have to chose if they want to be around EACH all.

Whichever one I chose to ask...I would say....It feels awkward now between you two....what happened? Because they both have to feel the "awkwardness" if you are feeling it.

But, other than asking them what is going on...just so you know because you are friends of theirs...there really isn't much to do.
Except I don't think YOU have to lose either of them....its not about you...its something between them...But why do you not feel comfortable asking one of them?

What should I do between my two friends who no longer talk each other?

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The fact that you have not asked them what is wrong or what happened tells me that you have a lot of respect for other people.

I have a feeling you have a lot of balance in your personal life.... and that is AWESOME.

Balance comes from knowing what we need and keeping what is important to us in perspective.

I don't like asking people personal questions, but when they ask me for help I am all in.

If I was in your position I would just have different play dates with each of them.

I would invite them both to group events as there will be other people for them to blend in with.

I don't spend a lot of time with other people but I don't lonely very often at all.

It is because I am connected to all of the people that share the same truths as I believe in.

They are in books, they are in film, they are in music....

There is a magical connection across our universe that ties us all.... it is truth.

If your friends are keeping you away from your ability to be free and to see all of the wonderful truths there are to discover and connect to, you should spend less time with them. But don't give up on them until you try to help them believe, be alive in what matters and what should be growing in your lives.


What should I do between my two friends who no longer talk each other?

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Yes, probably something happened between those two. But if you are this close to both of them you should be able to ask one or the other what happened Because you notice the dynamics between the two of them seems stressful.

Yes you may get two sides of the story but that’s OK too. Just be a good listener.

Treat each of them as an individual and spend time with Each of them. Don’t force the threesome to endure, since something has happened between the two of them.
No sense in cutting yourself off from either of your two good friends.

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