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Would love your opinion regarding a Covid fear - Top Golf

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Relationship advice 6 of my close family members attended a Top Golf outing. Top Golf is similar to a bowling alley, every group gets their own section (called a bay), chairs, table and a place to hit golf balls. Top Golf put a sheet of plastic between groups that hangs from the ceiling. Top Golf cleans the golf clubs and the computer screen but they did not clean the seat where everyone lounges on. The place was packed Saturday night, a 1 hr wait to get a golfing section. Masks were worn while getting to your bay but at the bay the masks were not worn generally. Waiters did wear masks.

My issues were not at Top Golf, it was after. All 6 family members left Top Golf and came to our home (not my idea) to hang and watch TV. They did not change clothes from Top Golf and they hung in our home, mainly sitting on our couch. Having them in our home and on our sofa after visiting Top Golf made me very uncomfortable. My wife thinks I am overreacting.

Would it make you uncomfortable too or am I overreacting?


Would love your opinion regarding a Covid fear - Top Golf

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Your wife probably thinks it's all OK because you went out as a group, and played golf together unmasked, that you're overreacting. If someone was to get sick, then it'd be the case of should have, would have and could have and all too late and it's more than likely to get infected in a public place. It all depends on your perspective of the Covid.. some people are overboard with it, while others are borderline safety conscious, while others just couldn't give a damn and give it the respect it warrants.

You guys went to a packed public place, so it means you guys deemed it safe enough with precautions, although it's a matter of opinion as to whether the business needed to regularly disinfect the public seating/lounge area. When it comes to responsible visitors in your family home, reasonable precautions should be practiced but again, it's a matter of opinion and where you guys personally stand with the precautions.

The Virus is a proven killer and until there's a vaccine available, how we interact with others is one way we will manage it, to keep ourselves and other people safe.

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