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He broke my heart it hurts so much

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Relationship advice I was with my fiance for 8 months, we were going to be married on December 22, 2020. So I thought. Then my fiance all of a sudden said he needed space, we did have a few issues but they were not that bad it turns out while we were on this break he slept with his kids mom. Which they were together for 9 years off and on. He vowed to me that he would never be with her. That she cheated on him a lot of times she was abusive to him and his other kids. Why would he do this to me? He said it was a big mistake that he would never do it to me again. So I took him back. A week later he tells me over the phone that he's done with me again. That was not the same with us anymore. Then I kept texting him why I didn't understand why he wanted to end things again. He texted me that he didn't love me anymore, that I was bugging him to stop texting him, leave him alone. Now he's just gone haven't heard from him for a week now. How can someone that says they love you and want to marry you lie straight to your face? I thought he really loved me, I am so hurt and heartbroken .I heard today that he went back to his kids mom, that's why he left me. And because I was showing him too much attention and that I annoyed him ...But that is so hurtful after everything she has done for him. Why would he leave me someone that would never cheat on him, someone that truly loved him, he used to tell me how happy and in love he was with me.

He broke my heart it hurts so much

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There's not much in this guy's character if you were engaged to be married and then he can tell you over the phone that it's all over. Apart from being a coward, he's also a selfish person who has used you for his own needs and you'll find that he won't last with his abusive ex, in fact, they basically deserve each other. You need to be strong because there's a good chance he will try and come back into your life and drag your heart around again.

His actions tell you that you don't need a reason as to why he wanted to end it again because if he was in love with you, as he said he was, he would never have treated you the way that he has. Sure, some of us get confused when the ex is in the picture with our kids in tow, but the lesson is that none of us can successfully be with someone else unless we are over our previous relationship 100%, regardless of the kids. This guy isn't and wasn't and that's one of the reasons that you find yourself in the situation you're in now. If he was done and dusted with his ex, he wouldn't have been looking over his shoulder back towards her.

You deserve a guy who will treat with respect and love you for who your are but this guy never was there and never will be. It's easy for us to say that while you need answers and closure from him, you also need to dig deep to eventually heal and get over him. You will eventually learn to trust again and find that guy who will love and cherish you and share your values and life goals.

He broke my heart it hurts so much

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Manalone us correct dear.. this guy will be reaping what he sows. He sounds like he is doing you a favour by cutting loose the ties he has with you! He will regret one day in the near future that he messed up with you and you can bet he will try getting you back. I know you still love him and the sad fact is he knows that too! Look to God and thank him for your blessing that this fool is gone move on! You deserve better and before you know it you will find someone that will respect and love only you... hang in there darling....

He broke my heart it hurts so much

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The mind is a plant and your fiancé's gardens are probably deeply rooted with his ex. When they meet those gardens are fed to grow even more because his mind is open, he has not defined his WILL against what can take him off his track and towards what he truly wants. He is likely very confused and doesn't understand what is happening to him.

I say this to take the pain away from you, you are not to blame, he is not to blame.... energy is. Energy and our lack of understanding that we need to protect and guide ourselves through life.

If I was in your situation I would spend my time alone building myself and my path, the things that make me who I am. Those are the things that make you happy and free, and those are the things that attract others to you. But most importantly you enjoy your own company and do not depend on others to make you happy. Your relationship with LIFE is forever, other people come in and out of a revolving door. You share experiences. But you HAVE you and your GOOD VIBRATIONS.

The world is a battleground between positive and negative energy.

What do we need to protect our spirit? I use steam, burn white sage and use sea salt water bowls and baths. Do some research online and through film to support your understanding. Just a few movies to watch off the top of my head... SHARKNADO, EVAN ALMIGHTY, STAR WARS, AVATAR, BIRD BOX, MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, TREMORS, TRANSFORMERS...

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