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What am I doing wrong? How should I fix this?

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Relationship advice My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. So I'm 19 years old but my parents are a bit conservative about me going out ever since COVID. Since I have grandparents in my house, the amount of times i go out has reduced. My boyfriend lives about 13km away from me. Ever since it started, Ive been going to his house and off late, ive been going twice a week atleast unless im sick or have a fever. A month back my boyfriend got to know that I kissed another guy one day after we got with each other officially. I obviously totally blame myself for this. What I did is unforgivable for sure. He decided to take my social media passwords etc.Off late, ever since he found out, he's been wanting me to come more often to his place.

I cant drive so my driver has to drop me which my parents are skeptical about for everyday use. Some days im not able to go due to college work, driver absence etc. This pisses my boyfriend off and he says i dont keep my word at all, which is true but idk what to do in situations like these. I try asking my mother but its a task for her too when I keep demanding to go out. My boyfriend gets upset and gets depressed when this happens and he goes off at me.

today he suggested we take a step back, and once im fully in control of my life, i can go meet him again. He says we should take time off from each other(still be together and all) but not meet.He suggests i go through how to make a relationship better and happier and frankly, that breaks my heart. I promise to see him some days and even go for sleepovers with him,but when i say i cant come on a particular day, he gets really angry. Its going to take my boyfriend to heal ofc, but ive really changed for the better.

I just love him so much and i never want to see him sad but sometimes im not able to go myself. Today when he went off, i said id come four days in a row and thats not going to be an easy task for at all considering my parents, but ill try nevertheless. My mother feels it to be very pressurizing for her for some reason. Idk what to do. How do i make this right and happy?

What am I doing wrong? How should I fix this?

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There are some red flags about this relationship and you need to see it clearly. Mainly, he is a very demanding young man. When he doesn’t get his way he gets angry and then blames you for the situation.

His actions are putting you into a stress. It’s also affecting your relationship with your parents.

This is not how love is supposed to be.

And all this from just one year?

Please step back and look at this relationship.

What am I doing wrong? How should I fix this?

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I’m guessing your mum is worried for your grandparents safety ?everyone has to be careful and sensible but maybe she’s feeling the pressure to keep them safe. Really, your bf needs to understand this, he shouldn't be making you feel bad and getting angry when you cant visit him. At the moment with COVID, it is what it is.

Don’t like the fact your bf feel he needs to have control over your social media either? Take back that control.

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