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How do I fix this?

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S-e-x advice This is the most ridiculous situation I’ve ever been in but I need advice or any kind of input will be appreciated.

Yesterday a used condom was in the bush out the front of my apartment, a lady pointed it out to me on her way out of the carpark as I was coming in so I figured I would dispose of it no worries.

I went inside got a glove and paper towel and put it in the bin and tied the bag up, I didn’t even think about the consequences for not taking the rubbish bag down to the dumpster straight away until my boyfriend got here soon after and offered to take the it to the dumpster for me as it was sitting by the door.
There were some papers from the letterbox next to the bag and so I’m guessing he has gone to put those in the bag before chucking it in the dumpster and seen the condom.

Now he is adamant it’s mine without even giving me a chance, even said there was a hand print on my butt cheek.

I don’t know what to do?

I’ve never cheated on him,
But our relationship has been a little rocky for awhile mainly due to the fact he has lost interest in sex,
so I know this doesn’t look good for me from his point of view
but I wouldn’t be so upset with him not sleeping with me if I was sleeping with others.
We have been good and we’re in a good place right before this happened so now I’m feeling a little lost.

How do I fix this?

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Believe in yourself
Believe in the truth


Don't give what isn't true any room to live inside of you.

You explained the situation and that is all you can do.

Move on.

Be the lovely vibrant person that you are.... and HE WILL BELIEVE IN YOU!!! Because you are being someone that he wants to BE ALIVE in.

Also, when you are on your own path believing in yourself.. there is less time to worry about the things that are not perfect.... and because you are full of positive energy because you are happy with yourself and your life... those things have a way of aligning with truth and remedy themselves.

Keep moving forward with the things that are important to you and the things that make you happy and free.

How do I fix this?

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That neighbor or lady should be able to collaborate your story, but then again, why even try?

The story is so ridiculous, it has to be the truth.

How do I fix this?

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I’ve been wanting to ask the lady from upstairs,
I am embarrassed to tell her this has become a problem but also would I record her confirmation on what happened or get her to call him to confirm? And then that would just be ridiculous.

How do I fix this?

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All relationships should contain trust. You have explained what happened (and to be honest you couldn't make up a story like that!) It is his choice if he believes you or not. You know what is true. It could be he will use this as an excuse to cause conflict if the relationship is rocky and if that is the case, is he really the man you want to be with?

Maybe this has just highlighted problems you already had?

How do I fix this?

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That is an excellent point Christy. What is inside of all of us... is looking for a way out when it can.

I designed this years Halloween package based on this very real dynamic.

The package includes AIRHEAD CANDY (the connection to breathing), SUN GLASSES WITH BLINDS (as a reminder to filter what we see), EAR PLUGS (as a reminder to filter what we hear) and this POEM....

We breathe in
We breathe out
We breathe in
We breathe out

A TREE breathes in
Only what it needs... CO2

How well would they do
If they breathed in all that there is to?

How well would IIII do
If I breathed in all that there is to do?

I have to choose
What belongs a part of me
From what I see
From what I hear
I have to make truth appear

Everything will be more clear
Including my path
Where I can focus on protection
As I make connection after connection
Because there is less in my way
Of seeing MY way.

How do I fix this?

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He could be just 'BREATHING OUT' his fears of losing you. We all get insecure.. but it can snowball and become destructive.

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