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Falling for him but it's complicated

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Hi I meant this guy last month and we went out to eat. We were just hanging out and having conversation. I am 49 yrs old woman and he is 33yrs old. We had a good time. Anyway I had sex with him after we went out that day to eat. We have had sex a few times now. I have started to get feelings for him. He has made comments lately about that he is happy that I am into him. He doesn't want me having sex with anyone else. After the first time we were together he told me that I satisfied him and not to worry about him having sex with anyone else. Last time we were together he was more passionate about the sex. Played love songs on his guitar but made the comment under his breath about it being love songs and I didn't realize it. My problem is the last time we were together it was really good the kissing and sex. I heard him say under his breath that we could have something but I smoke cigarettesand also our age difference he was thinking out loud. He has smoked a cigarette with me a couple of times even though he doesn't like it. And this last time he kept asking me for cigarettes too. But then he was saying he didn't want anything serious to me and did not want to date because he thinks you can't ever please a woman. He said we were bonding. Not sure what to think but I have feeling for him. We have a lot in common too in our beliefs and views about life. Is he interested in more than sex and fun with me? Maybe I could change his mind?

Falling for him but it's complicated

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He has expressed what is in his gardens.... things that are looking for reasons to grow. He doesn't like the unhealthy INFLUENCE of smoking in his life and he isn't all together comfortable with the age difference.

But he has found physical comfort with you and he is wanting to bond with you.. It will be up to you and if you truly believe in yourself. Who are you? What do you love to do? Your life is made up of these things and naturally radiate from you... attracting others to want to believe in you too.

Life is a series of experiences... when you are 90 years old how do you want to look back on this experience?

What IS LOVE? At 49 you have had so many different experiences that have contributed to a definition. Have you ever collected your thoughts? I have pages and pages of different thoughts and ideas, quotes, and reflections… that support by beliefs. Love is one of the most important and wonderful things in our lives… its worth our time to define it.

Another word to define is FREEDOM, the best relationships are focused on freedom, how to attain it for ourselves and how to support our partners freedom.

One of the most important things to gather thoughts and reflections on is, our own definition. I AM. When we define who we are, we truly believe in ourselves. Our relationship with ourselves is paramount……and it won’t matter if he is here today and gone next week.

If you believe in fears, doubts, worries... they will grow.

There are more important ideas to grow.

What is life?

Falling for him but it's complicated

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When I choose a man... it will be because he naturally brings out the best in me. His life force will become mine.

I need someone calm, sweet, caring, strong, intelligent, fun, serious, sensitive.... he will be my baby and my king.

We will exchange our flow of energy.

Men are typically water and women are typically earth elements.

There is also fire and and air.

I think your lover likes your natural energy flow in his life.

There are all kinds of things to look for in a partner, things that matter to us.... but ENERGY FLOW is the pillar of a relationship to me. It is the fundamental NEED other things don't matters as much. He is who he is with his life and the things he does... and I am who I am with my life and things we do.

Falling for him but it's complicated

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Ooops typo on the last line...

and I am wo I am with my life and the things IIIII do.

Falling for him but it's complicated

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One month and it's deep thinking already?

Lovey, it's passion right now, so enjoy it and don't expect much else right now.

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