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Relationship advice - Does he like me?

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Relationship advice This is going to seem really trivial, but I need advice. I'm not very good with dating/romantic stuff as I'm not very good at reading social queue's and I have never had any experience. There is this guy I like, and I don't think he likes me back but other people say that they can feel a connection. I'll give a bit more detail.

So, I met this guy 2 years ago, and we get on really well and I consider him my best friend. We have the same sense of humour and we bounce each other nicely personality wise. We have spoken every day for the past 2 years and even when I was abroad for a year due to uni, we stayed in touch every day. He’s always there for me and listens to what I have to say, helps me when I’m struggling with my mental health etc. He always makes time for me, and whenever I see myself as a burden he always tells me I’m not, and if I bring myself down he always tells me what I’m saying isn’t true etc. I have basically started to develop feelings for him as I think he’s a really nice guy, who is supportive, genuine and down to earth. Other people have commented to me how they think we have really good chemistry and they seem to think we would make a good couple. The other day, another guy friend of mine told me that he thinks he definitely likes me, as his “male intuition” says that all the signs are there. He makes time for me, he always talks to me and makes an effort, he’s not embarrassed by me etc. And when I asked if he thought I was wasting my time he said definitely not. He also said that he is a firm believer that girls and guys cant be friends this long and not have feelings for eachother (im not sure I agree with it but anyways…)

However, Although I haven’t made a move (as I am too scared of rejection and I don’t want it to ruin our friendship) There are things that make me think he definitely doesn’t like me. For example, his previous dating history has all been a certain type of girls – a lot younger than us, and skinny, which I am neither of those things. Also he said to me the other day about his type, and that he would never go for someone our age as he prefers his girlfriends to be younger. I also thought that if he liked me he would have made a move by now, but I remember him telling me that even if he likes someone he wont make the first move, and in all his previous relationships the girl has always been the one to make the first move, as he is too scared of rejection(like me). He also jokes that I should get with his friend (he doesn’t push it, he’s just made jokey passing remarks before)

From what I can gather, I THINK I am getting mixed signals but I’m not sure… That is why I need advice as I can’t decide if I am wasting my time yearning over someone that will never want me. All advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Relationship advice - Does he like me?

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This is such a cute story!! I love it.

I find myself remembering scenes from the movie 'MADE OF HONOR' and 'FRIENDS' when Chandler and Monica began their relationship.

Having a best friend that is the opposite sex is AWESOME. Your energy flows together like a yin and yang (which doesn't always represent good and bad, just two powers that can flow together). You connect and can generate energy power between you because you respect and care for one another.

You are both protected by one another's energy.

I think that you will find freedom by keeping him as your friend... not yearning over him by refining your definition of his role in your life and how lucky you are to have what you have. Be FREE, Be YOU, Believe in yourself, who you are and all of the things that you love to do and love about life.... and you will be VIBRANT. If he loves you or grows love for you he will want you all for himself.

Men have to be strong, its tough for them to find a balance between the boy and beast within. Remember Ross and his 'Snuggles' versus 'Ubervweiss' laundry detergent scene in FRIENDS?

He has to make firm choices that prove that he can protect and lead in a natural way.

Love yourself, love your life... sincerely, not to manipulate him.... our true energy RADIATES from us. BE HAPPY and FREE.

Relationship advice - Does he like me?

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This is so touching story! It is so good that you have such a person who is always there for you! Love is always a risky undertaking, so if you feel that you can't keep your feelings anymore you should try to reveal them. If you don't try, you will not know for sure what he feels towards you. Think about what you truly want, and take this risk, if you actually has romantic feelings!

Relationship advice - Does he like me?

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You don’t mention spending actual time together, like going out for dinner or going to a movie.

Which makes me wonder is this a long distance relationship?

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