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Am I crazy for how I feel?

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Relationship advice Am I wrong for not being ok with my partner spending time with or making me obligated to be around them to see that nothing is going on, a person that they were in a relationship during a period while we were broken up? Please help me with this because I am told im just jealous and crazy for feeling that I dont have to be ok With this?

Am I crazy for how I feel?

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I don't think you are being crazy...I think he is being selfish and needs to make a choice....
This situation makes you uncomfortable and you should be priority period.

Am I crazy for how I feel?

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I would think so too. She swears up and down that im always going to come first and that she has my best intentions at heart. Yet in the same sentence she says she loves me and my feelings mean everything to her, she will go ahead and tell me im not going to dictate who she has in her life and that If I cared about her I would come hang out with both of them so she can be happy. Yet that isn't putting me before the other person. That is saying one thing and doing the opposite

Am I crazy for how I feel?

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However you feel, whatever you think, it is as it is.
That’s the reality.

Is she your top priority in your life?
Do you have her best intentions in your heart?
Is it important to you to be put first and why?

There is very little information you are providing, but based on what you wrote, it looks like maybe some thinking is in order.

Why would you think you are crazy to feel the way you feel?
Do you know how feelings are created and why?

Maybe this is an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself if you want to.
Try asking some questions and see where they lead.

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