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Nightmares are killing me

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Health advice I am suffering from nightmares, and now I even feel afraid of closing my eyes and sleeping. I want to fight my fears and start sleeping well. I want to share this problem, as somebody can struggle the same issue.

Nightmares are killing me

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Im sorry you are suffering.

Don't try to recall your dreams. When we replay any kind of bad experience in our mind the memory only gets stronger, harder to forget and easier to resurface.

Try to get some cardio in your day, exercise releases chemicals in our body that promote balance physically, mentally and spiritually.

Connect with positive thoughts in your day, try to watch your favorite (happy and positive) shows or movies close to bed time so that you ignite the things in your mind that mean something to you, things that are already growing that are wonderful to you.

Have a warm bath with some lavender and or euclyptus.

It could be that you are around negative energy in your day, cleanse by boiling water, putting it in a bowl, and hovering your head over it for a few minutes. I put a cheese cloth over my head so that the steam stays in but then I have to take a few breaths of fresh cool air in between. If you find that this is something that helps you might want to invest in a steam shower.

Burning white sage clears our senses of negative energy.

Sea Salt bowls help too. Fill a large bowl with a kilo of sea salt and add 2 cups of tepid water, then hover your head over it for 5 minutes. I like to use the course one because I reuse the salt. The sea salt is magnetic and will draw the negative energy from your body into the water. Dispose of the water without touching the water as it will hold negative energy after you have cleansed your self of it.

Sea Salt baths work well too, but you can't have them too often, your skin will become so thin it will tear. A couple times a month only.

Drink Lemonade. I often think of Anne Hathaway trying to get the alien out of her in 'Bride Wars'!! And the message that is told in 'Sharknado' repeatedly is, EAT FRESH, which means don't eat things with oil or butter and avoid beauty products that are oily too.

Oil attracts energy and burns that energy inside of us. Unless we are around people that truly love us we want our own energy to glow. How do we do that? By engaging in the things that we love to do. By being honest. By giving. By......

I KNOW that these things I have listed are 100% effective in helping me find peace. I hope that you try them and heal.

Nightmares are killing me

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Oh dear. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things that can happen to a persons health. You need to get this settled right away.

Some questions: Are you taking medications? Sometimes Side effects can cause nightmares.

Are you eating or drinking before you sleep? This can also cause drops or spikes in sugar level and can cause nightmares, believe it or not.

What are you doing for your mental health? Are you surrounding yourself with living, Healthy people and healthy environments? Being stressed all day will definitely bring on nightmares because your subconscious is taking Your daytime emotions and creating scenarios to go with those feelings. So if you are stressed out during the day that is reflected in your dreams.

Perhaps you can start with a complete physical first and share what is happening with your doctor. It could be something very simple or perhaps going into counseling can help you with this issue. Good luck and take care of yourself!

Nightmares are killing me

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Dear LUVBIRDSOLDIER, thank you for your tips! I am gonna try all of them and hope that my nervous system will become balanced and I will be able to sleep well.

Nightmares are killing me

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I am still not taking the medications as I think that I can solve the problem by myself. You are quite right about stress- now I am experiencing hard days, because I am trying to find a new job. It is really stressful for me.

Nightmares are killing me

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What medications are you “still not taking,?” and what were they prescribed for.?

This could be another reason why you are not sleeping.

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